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Re: "private" OID numbers?

>>fiber> Pardon me if this is documented in an obvious location that I
>>jfieber> missed, but are there OID numbers reserved for private use in
>>jfieber> the same sense as IP numbers reserved for private network use
>>jfieber> (eg, 192.168.x.x)?
>>No.  How would that work?
>Simple, some numbers that everyone agrees to not put in any schema they 
>share or publish, just like the 192.168 numbers that everyone agrees 
>that they won't route to a public network.  Handy for tinkering around 
>with experimental schemas.

Isn't the 1.1.x branch of the OID tree abandoned?  I've read of people
using this tree for private experimentation.

But it should only be for experiments not for production use like
private IP numbers.