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Re: binding ldap server to a specific interface

man, 2003-01-13 kl. 23:05 skrev Gerry Maddock:

> Hello all, I just got my ldap server running, the only problem is that the
> system that is running the ldap server has 2 nic cards. When I run netstat
> -nat, I see: 
> tcp        0      0   *               LISTEN
> I would like to bind the ldap server to an actual ip on the system. I looked
> in the archives, but didn't see any applicable answers.

Firstly, is Linux-Windows specific (I suppose it could also be
used on other Unices i don't know) and means it's already running on
whatever interfaces are available. If you were running SCO Unix, for
example, it would return the actual interface(s).

Secondly, to start slapd on any specific interface or port, simply
specify these in your startup procedure:

slapd -u ldap -h 'ldaps:// ldaps://'

The thing knows what port to put slapd on from /etc/services (in this
case 693), if you specify "ldaps", as above. However, you could run it
on any port you like by specifying it: '-h ldap://'. I
do for a test DIT, my PHP4-based client takes account of this.




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