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Re: Filtering searches, I have a specific with to filter out something.

Try something like
I think it'll do what you want.

On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 09:59:05PM -0600, Eric Renfro wrote:
> Hello list.
> I'm fair with OpenLDAP, but I'm trying to figure out one possibly simple 
> filter idea..
> A nice '(mail=user@domain.com)' as a filter, would find the entries that have 
> that attribute with that value. But, what if I wanted to filter out a 
> specific object, so that it doesn't show up in that list, say I have the 
> following entries:
> If I used a search base of dc=myrddincd,dc=com, with a scope of sub, searching 
> by filter (mail=psi-jack@myrddincd.com) would pull the first two entries. 
> In example, of a filter which doesn't work: 
> (&(mail=psi-jack@myrddincd.com)(!objectClass=mailGroup)), in theory, if that 
> would work, it would filter OUT the 2nd entry I've shown, making it show just 
> the one account entry.

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