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Re: Is there anyone on this list patient with stupid questions?

Subheading: Where are the hygienic facilities?

Something that was troubling me and one reason why I asked for referral to a LDAP dictionary / grammar text:

What does "dc" mean?

Since I seemed to have offended those who were trying to help me, much to my further chagrin, I have (sigh) gone back to the OpenLDAP documentation. Nonetheless, since I did receive some explanation (before the helpers went off fuming) I had more courage to attempt the FAQ-O-Matic. And, there it was!

----From OpenLDAP 2.1. Administrator's Guide: A Quick Start
Be sure to replace <MY-DOMAIN> and <COM> with the appropriate domain components of your domain name. <MY ORGANIZATION> should be replaced with the name of your organization. If you cut and paste, be sure to trim any leading and trailing whitespace from the example. -----
Those words, "with the appropriate domain components," jumped out at me. It still required making an assumption, nevertheless, therein was a possible answer to one of my stupid questions: "dc" means Domain Component. And, the above, gives an example of how one uses domain component (not "direct current" and not "District of Columbia") in a *.ldif file.

Maybe it was reading (somewhere, God knows where in my scanning) that LDAP is derived in part from DNS (besides the evil X.500) and knowing that DNS means Domain Name Service, still I would like to think it was Peter's smile when he referred me back to the DOCUMENTATION.