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I am confused

Hello All,

This is going to be a *very* stupid question, but it has me running in

I have a LDAP server that has to run routing for sendmail. I need three
entries in the database (mailHost, mailLocalAddress, mailRemoteRouting). I
have changed slapd.conf to the following :

Write access to all (just for a test or until I can get auth. Working)
suffix "dc=vodacom,dc=co,dc=za" rootdn
index   objectClass,mailLocalAddress,mailHost           eq

Now my problem is that the database was very slow, I have played with the
cache and memory settings and I got it a bit faster. I also posted a message
earlier asking on how to delete a database and the results was a nightmare.
I have now trashed the whole ldap installation and started again.

Now when ever I create an entry it says "parent doesn't exist"

How does LDAP work?

On the new database I run something like this

Ldapadd -x
Dn: Pieter@vodacom.co.za,dc=vodacom,dc=co,dc=za
mailLocalAddress: Pieter@vodacom.co.za
mailRemoteRouting: Pieter@vodacom.co.za
mailHost: mx1.vodacom.co.za

Is that correct ? this is what generates the parent error. If I try to add
"dn: dc=vodacom,dc=co,dc=za" it fails with no rights or object already
exists. I was under the impression that LDAP works almost like DNS i.e.
dc=vodacom,dc=co,dc=za (vodacom is a child of co is a child of za) and that
will then hold the object and the objects have properties. Sendmail send a
query against the e-mail address (mailLocalAddress) and it must then return
mailHost if it is there.

Any pointers ?


Pieter De Wit