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Interoperable naming service capable?

I obtained and installed OpenLDAP in order to learn about JNDI, CORBA, and associated 
technologies.  I completed Sun's JNDI tutorials using the OpenLDAP server with no problems, 
then began on the Java 1.4 Java IDL tutorial.

The Java IDL tutorial contains a Hello server that makes use of the OMG's CORBA POA 
mechanism to register itself with a naming service, and the recommended service is Sun's 
orbd tool.  I would like to know if the OpenLDAP server could be used instead?

Sun has some very sketchy documentation 
(http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.1/docs/guide/idl/jidlNaming.html) about using 3rd party servers, 
but I don't yet know enough about how the various pieces fit together to make much sense of 
it.  As best as I can tell, the OMG framework uses CORBA COS (Common Object Services) 
Naming Service, upon which the Interoperable Naming Service (INS) is implemented.  The INS 
provides a URL based naming system and supports "corbaloc:" and "corbaname:" formats.  
The OMG ORB supports a method resolve_initial_references("NameService") that obtains an 
INS NamingContext object based on the ORBInitialHost, ORBInitialPort, and ORBInitRef 

Naively, I tried to set the properties to point to my LDAP server, and got no success.  Upon 
further reading, Sun says that the 3rd party naimg service must (1) support INS, (2) support 
GIOP 1.2, and (3) that the 3rd party may have a proprietary object key to contact 

Does OpenLDAP support INS, and if so do you know whether I can coax the Sun ORB into 
using it?  Are there schemas, directory entires, or properties that I would have to set up in the 
LDAP directory before attempting it?

If it's relevant, I'm using Windows XP pro, with OpenLDAP running under CygWin.


Jim Irwin