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Re: Anyone on this list patient with stupid questions?

Jonathan Smith wrote:
1. I am trying to establish an LDAP server on a private home network. Can this be done when I have no domain name? (If the answer is "No" then forget the other questions.)

Sure... I'd recommend you not use a well-known domain like netscape.com :), but mybogusdomain.com should work just fine for internal use.

2. Where should the active configuration file, slapd.conf, be located, in /etc/openldap or /usr/local/etc/openldap?

Normally this is related to how you did the install. For instance, I built my own source and configured prefix as "/var/local"... so my slapd.conf went in /var/local/etc/openldap; otherwise, it would have gone into /usr/local which is the default for my platform (Mandrake). If you installed from a package, your mileage may vary.

3. In my slapd.conf, there is a database setting, mine is:

database: ldbm

Have you started slapd yet? To tell you the truth, I can't quite remember but I believe the database was created automatically. I believe you have to make sure the directory you specified in slapd.conf already exists with the correct permissions.

But, there are no ldbm files on my computer, only *.ldif files that I have created. What information source does OpenLDAP use to search for an address?

It searches the specified database... you'll have to load our LDIF files (man ldapadd, ldapmodify, ldapsearch).

4. I have a slapd.conf and a lapd.conf; what is the difference between these two? Do both have to be configured?

man ldap.conf and slapd.conf

5. I am trying to establish the LDAP server on a computer running Redhat Linux 8.0. In your experience, which is the best non-commercial client? I have Directory Administrator, GQ LDAP Client, and Rolodap.

I've been using IIT's LDAP Browser/Editor (http://www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap/)... but I just tried jxplorer and like it better (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jxplorer/).

Good luck.