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Segmentation Fault: slapd 2.1.12 with Berkeley DB 4.1.x

>>>>> "philipp.sacha" == Philipp Sacha <philipp.sacha@blue-cable.net> writes:

philipp.sacha> Hi, i am trying to get Openldap 2.1.12 with Berkeley DB 4.1.25
philipp.sacha> to work.  Backend is bdb, system runs on Linux 2.2.22.

philipp.sacha> When i try to do a search with "ldapsearch -x <filter>" i have
philipp.sacha> no problems. But when i omit the "-x" and use "ldapsearch
philipp.sacha> <filter>" slapd stops working with a Segmentation Fault. This
philipp.sacha> behaviour is reproducable.  It disappears, when i use Berkeley
philipp.sacha> DB 4.0. Is it possible to use Berkeley DB 4.0 even if the
philipp.sacha> documents recommend using 4.1?

My guess is that you have linked sasl with 4.0.  With both shared libraries
mapped, when you link with 4.1, there is confusion and a crash.

If you link sasl with 4.1, ldap should work with 4.1.