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Re: Can someone explain SIDs?

>It is an "on-the-fence" topic between Samba and LDAP. It has to do with

No, it really has nothing to do with LDAP,  whether Samba stores the
SIDs in a DSA, a TDB file, or merely participates in a NT domain, SIDs
are the same.  I'd say they aren't a Samba topic either.
>running a Samba PDC which is one of the primary uses of LDAP.  Problem 
>is that if one does not understand the relationship between rids and 
>sids, then one cannot correct defficiencies in one's LDAP database 

True, but that has nothing more to do with LDAP per-se than correcting
mail addresses when using LDAP for mail routing.  Thats a data problem,
not an LDAP one.

>I've noticed that many have been asking in this particular direction on 
>both the Samba list and the OpenLDAP lists.  No one is answering in 
>either case.  My intent is to get the answer and cross post it or see 
>that it gets added to the FAQs.

No on is answering because in BOTH forums it is an off topic question. 
If you find an answer, don't post it.

If you want to know about SIDs find a book or url on advanced NT/2000
system administration,  particularly on the M$ security model.

But I'd also suggest that if your dealing with SIDs/RIDs directly then
you messed something up.  I've been operating a Samba/LDAP PDC since it
was possible for ~200 clients and I've never once had to diddle with
SIDs directly.

There is a Samba LDAP PDC section in the presentation -