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slurpd replication


After skimming through large parts of the mailing list archive and testing 
my configuration for all kinds of accidental errors, my problem still 

I set up an LDAP master slapd and slurpd which ought to replicate changes 
to a LDAP replica slapd. Pretty simple. However, replication does not 

Adding an entry to the master slapd causes slurpd to (successfully!) 
connect to the replica slapd, but it does not succeed in adding the new 
entry due to a constraint violation.
Adding the entry manually (ldapadd) to the replica slapd using the 
updatedn works fine.

I have the feeling this is caused by problems with 
NO-USER-MODIFICATION-Attributes, though slurpds binddn equals the 
updatedn (which also is the rootdn) of the replica slapd.

Is it a problem to have different rootdns on a master and a slave slapd? 
Isn't the replica slapd's updatedn allowed to do any operation on the 
replica's database?

My master/replica configuration options are attached below.
Has anyone of you an idea what my problem could be?
Thank you for having a look on it.


The master replication configuration is
replogfile /somewhere/master.rep
replica	host=ldap-master.somedomain.com:3389

The master's rootdn entry is:
rootdn "cn=ldapmaster,ou=accounts,o=somedomain,c=com"
rootpw secretmasterpw

The replica replication configuration is
updatedn	"cn=slurpd,ou=accounts,o=fh-heilbronn,c=de"
updateref	ldap://ldap-master.somedomain.com:9389/

The replica's rootdn entry is
rootdn	"cn=slurpd,ou=accounts,o=somedomain, c=com"
rootpw	secretreplicapw

Marc Kirchner
...don't just do. Be.