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Re: Getting Hosts to work.

ons, 2003-01-01 kl. 11:28 skrev Luke Howard:

> >> But the queries don't even seem to get to the LDAP server. Things like
> >> ping just give me a segmentation fault.

> >What makes you think you can use ldap for this sort of thing? Did you
> >sort of work out for yourself that it must be possible?

> See section 5.4., inter alia, of RFC 2307.

Did do. But Jason is certainly not doing, nor understanding, what it
says there.

I must say, as a wintered DNS man to whom the NIS business is anathema
(nasty experiences in the past, old-fashioned), that the whole concept
seems horrible to me. Perhaps that's 'cos I'm addicted to new-fangled
things :)

DNS, even on a small scale, works so well, and all sorts of Unices work
with it (try and implement NIS or LDAP on a SCO OpenServer machine) that
to me it's the chosen path for this kind of thing.

And don't forget I've become a 100% LDAP-minded person.




Tony Earnshaw

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