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Re: getting at the schema for an object

man, 2002-12-30 kl. 05:38 skrev Ben Martin:

> libferris being a generic VFS should support any schemas that folks use
> with their LDAP server. I don't want to assume anything about the schema
> apart from the ability to ask openldap about the objectclasses and
> attributes that are req/optional for each.
> > *[1] Granted GQ doesn't let one see what schemas give rise to what
> > attributes. But, then some attributes are "built in" to 2.1.8 slapd and
> > 3 other 2.1.8 Openldap utils, irrespective of schemas.

Ah. Well, doing 'find', 'grep' and 'less' on .c and .h files in my
Openldap 2.1.8 source directory gave some interesting results in the
direction you're wishing to go.

In particular ./doc/drafts/draft-zeilenga-ldap-user-schema-xx.txt.

AFAICS, schemas are simply an ordered way of presenting OIDs and their
necessary parameters and strata. The above document, plus looking at the
source code, may help you towards doing what you want. It's all far
above what I need from Openldap :)

Don't forget, that parts of some schemas (i.e. core.schema) are actually
built in to both 2.1.8 (probably later versions of) slapd and utilities,
no doubt to give better performance.




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