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Re: Access Control

On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 13:27, Matty wrote:
> Anyone happen to know what I am missing? I have experimented with
> various things I found on google, but so far, no luck :(

> userPassword: (MD5)94cc0f2c4100623b4efc85a534b7cd2a

I could be wrong, but the format of the userPassword doesn't look right:

The encryption method I thought should be in {} that is curly braces. 
Here's what I get when I MD5 'secret' with slappasswd:

root@hppa/etc/ldap # slappasswd -h {MD5} -s secret

I'm not sure if your ACL is right though.. I didn't really look at it
since the format of your password didn't look right..