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free servlet directory gateway

I am an independent software developer and consultant. I recently released a free and open source software product that I think you may be interested in. You can find out all about it at:


My central offering is a framework for building efficient MVC web applications using web servers, directory servers, and Java servlets. I deliver with it a directory gateway application that enables users to retrieve, create, delete, extend, update, and link entries in directory databases through web interfaces. It was developed in a contractual engagement and is currently being used in a high-vis production capacity within an mid-size enterprise. I intend to add some key capabilities in the coming year, and will launch subscription web services of my own design sometime afterwards.

Most of my previous LDAP experience has been with the Netscape/iPlanet/Sun ONE family of directory servers. However, in the course of launching my site and developing examples I have decided to migrate to OpenLDAP. I have thus far been pleased with the reliability and performance of the software, and would welcome any opportunity to work with the OpenLDAP user community. Thanks for your interest.

Jon Roberts