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Re: Anyone succeeds with OpenLDAP 2.1.9 + autofs on Redhat 8.0?

Jehan PROCACCIA wrote:

Simon Gao wrote:


I am still struggling with getting OpenLDAP 2.1.9 work with autofs on Redhat 8.0. I have browsed through list archives and tried different ways, but without any result.

Anyone out there has done this successfully?



please let me know if you find something ! My first try is unsuccessful as well :-(, it finishes by "lookup(ldap): connect to (null)" ! I have'nt the time now but this seems not a big pb, maybe a config error .

This error means that autofs can not find LDAP server to map info. Make sure you have ldap hostname in place like:

/home    /home    ldap:ldapserver.domain.com:ou=auto.home,dc=domain,dc=com


automountInformation: ldap:ldapserver.domain.com:ou=auto.home,dc=domain,dc=com

My problem was that it can't bind to ldap server for auto.home or other maps. Maybe I should try 2.0.x version.