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Does anyone know the DirectoryMark tool?

hi all,

Did anyone use the DirctoryMark1.2.1 to do the measures of the OpenLDAP or 
other LDAP Servers?

I am using it to test OpenLDAP.
I created 100 users by the command
#perl scriptgen.pl -v -W -n 1 -O ../Scripts/address ../Ldif/data.ldif 1000

the next step will modify CONFIG file, but I don't know how can I add the scripts
to the CLIENTBASESCRIPTS: line correctly.

I added the line by the follow:

And run 
# ./DirectoryMark config
Using config file: config
not enough client files specified

I test it can be added to address.client47.script.
So it means I can add only 48 users.

How can I add the scripts to config file?
Does anyone know this question? 

Give me some helps, thank you.