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Problems adding certificates to ldap

       I've installed openca 0.9.0 and openldap
 I've got the ca certificate and a user certificate
 but when I try add them to ldap it show the next
Exporting valid ca-certificates to LDAP ...
(Please wait until operation completes)
            Checking for a special DN where to
 store CA-certificates ...

 Special DN is "OU=LINTI, O=UNLP, C=AR"
             Adding valid CA-certificates to the
 server ...Information of the Object:
             dn OU=LINTI, O=UNLP, C=AR
             cn CALINTI
             serID 0
             email nico@info.unlp.edu.ar
             ou ARRAY(0x9858c0)
             o UNLP
             c AR
             End of the information of the Object.
             element of baseDN: OU=LINTI
             element of baseDN: O=UNLP
             element of baseDN: C=AR
             element of the inserted DN: OU=LINTI
             element of the inserted DN: O=UNLP
             element of the inserted DN: C=AR
             Checking RootDN of Certificate ...
             Inserted DN BaseDN
             h_basedn: AR
             h_dn: AR
             h_basedn_attribute: C
             h_dn_attribute: C
             h_basedn: UNLP
             h_dn: UNLP
             h_basedn_attribute: O
             h_dn_attribute: O
             h_basedn: LINTI
             h_dn: LINTI
             h_basedn_attribute: OU
             h_dn_attribute: OU
             Checking the length of the DN of the
 Certificate ...
             Building the missing nodes of the
 LDAP-tree ...
             Try to add OU=LINTI, O=UNLP, C=AR ...
             LDAP Schema DN: OU=LINTI, O=UNLP, C=AR
             node doesn't exist
             Attributes for the insertion:
             ou = ARRAY(0x9a3318)
             authorityRevocationList;binary =
             certificateRevocationList;binary =
             cACertificate;binary =
             objectclass = ARRAY(0x9a5e68)
             Must setup a CA-cert
             The resultcode of the nodeinsertion
was 1.
 Certificate 0 FAILED

Please, help me.

A.C. Dalila L. Romero

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