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Re: Web based LDAP password modification

tor, 2002-12-19 kl. 15:38 skrev Gustavo Lozano:

> Paul I have a script to do that. 
> But may be you first want to take a look to www.horde.org and see its
> passwords module.
> If it does not help, you can see www.php.net and use ldap_search and
> ldap_bind functions, implementing that you can search a user, try to
> bind, and then change the password....
> If nothing of that works, I will send you my script.

I agree entirely about Horde. However, Paul wanted Perl(!). The two
animals are so utterly different (purely the Horde PHP4 compile demands
on - cgi PHP4 - and the different syntax and possiblities), that IMHO he
really requires something else.

I've become a PHP4 man, without all that knowledge of Perl, so I could
be wrong.




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