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Re: Web based LDAP password modification

Hi Paul,

I think perl is the right way.
If you don't like to link all modules needed for Net::LDAP, why dont you 
just use the normal ldapsearch/modify commands via
the system command (and some temporary files)?

But I think it is better to get Net::LDAP run properly. The module says 
what other modules are needed if you try to install it. In my case there 
were 7 modules I think, but it was no big problem (unfortunately I have 
the module list at home :(

Kind regards,


Christian W. Pohl
Secaron AG

Paul Clayton <paul.clayton@intec.co.za>
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19.12.2002 15:16

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        Subject:        Web based LDAP password modification

Can anyone help me.
I want to give our users the ability to change their password using a
browser, by giving their old password, and then their new password. I have
looked at a few perl scripts on the web, and not had much success with
these. Mainly I think because of the LDAP modules for PERL will not link 

Any body been down this path before.


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