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Re: Problem with dummy-setup

Hi Tony!

I resolved the problem, a really silly one ;-) My bash seem to interpreted the 
"`" wrong. So now using the string like this:

ldapsearch -x -b "" -s base "(objectclass)" namingContexts

everything works fine.

Silly problems costs a lot of hours and pine!

So long ...

Alex Huth

> ons, 2002-12-18 kl. 22:11 skrev Alex Huth:
> > I´ve setup openldap like the quickstart guide told me. If i do a
> > ldapsearch i get errors like the folowing. Till now i haven´t add any
> > data.
> Ith doesn't much like:
> -b `` base `(objectClass=*)`
> Best,
> Tony

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