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Outlook browsing LDAP?

Hi, new subscriber here.. I searched around and didn’t find an answer to this so I thought I’d ask here.


I finally got a working openLDAP server running on my Linux box and everything seems to work fine.  I can add, search, etc entries from both the command line as well as from other programs like Softerra’s LDAP Administrator.  Now, I’m trying to get Outlook XP to work with it.  I set up the entry in Tools>Accounts and everything works fine.  I can go to the address book and search for names and that works fine.  BUT when I open up the address book I don’t see any entries under the LDAP server.  The only way I can get some to show up there is to first search for them.  Is there some way to get all of the names to show up in the contact list without searching for them first?