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RE: ::beat head here:: need help sorting out slapadd

ons, 2002-12-18 kl. 14:13 skrev Stone, Timothy:

> Thank you. Your post helped a lot. Including finding a typos in the import file that did not match my slapd.conf declarations.
> Being an LDAP newbie, at the CLI at least (I have used Netscape Directory in the past via the GUI), I do have a question for the list. 
> There seems to be a duplication of work by the programs in sbin and bin.

> For instance... what is the difference between ldapadd and slapadd? It seems there are other programs with similar function.

Things in /sbin are usually system-specific utilities. Things in
/usr/sbin are usually system service daemons. Things in /bin are usually
everyday user utilities, things in /usr/bin are usually user utilities
with a more specialized task. To my mind, *no* ldap stuff should be in

If and when you ever compile your own Openldap, none will be in any of
the above and you'll have to remove what is already there. All stuff not
installed by your OS or *non* distro-dependant installs (such as Linux
rpms) will be in /usr/local (most Unices and Linux) or /opt
subdirectories (Solaris and other SVR4/5 like UnixWare package adds).

The new conventions are completely different. System daemons and shared
libraries installed after the distro install are mostly in their own
specific /usr/local libexec directory, most executables are in
/usr/local/bin or a specific /usr/local subdir/bin, etc.

Your mail header and utra long line lengths tell us that you're a
Microsoft Exchange user. Hope that the above doesn't put you off.
Actually, Unix/Linux is far easier to cope with than Windows. Like
learning "foreign" spelling is usually far easier than learning English




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