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Re: first time password

ons, 2002-12-18 kl. 14:21 skrev Alex Huth:

> I´m a new newbie to openldap and will try to set up this thing. The first part 
> where can´t get further is to set the "admin" passwd for the first time. In 
> the example there is a line
> passwd secret
> What i know so far is that openldap is using SSHA as default.

Openldap uses whatever you give it: clear text, crypt, ssha, smd5, md5
or sha.

> I know the 
> context of changing password. But what is the password when compiled and 
> gettin started?

Why not just try clear text "secret", just to get it working? It will
accept that.




Tony Earnshaw

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