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How many entries could openldap store and handle?

Hi all:
 I'm a newbie to this list, and asking a foolish problem here. But i really
want to know about it. How many entries (DNs) can openldap handle??? 

 My problem is that i want to put > 1000k(over 1 million) entries into open
LDAP but don't know whether it can even store such a great deal of entries? 

 According to openldap manual,i know openldap can use db3/db4/gdbm and even
SQL as backend, but it seems that small db(gdbm etc..) can hardly handle too
many entries .. so is that means openldap using small db as backend can not
handle large scale entries ?? Please correct and info me if i'm wrong. 

 One of my friend told me that his openldap could not handle over 100K en-
tries or it will crash or stop after 1 or 2 weeks .. So it means that open-
LDAP can only support 100k entries?????? If so , mysql or other SQL server
should be much better than openldap ?? 

 I'm confusing it. Is there a good way to boost the capacity of openldap?
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