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RE: interpretting slurp debug output

I guess that makes sense because I'm pretty sure that my slaves are out
of sync with the master.  I keep getting segmentation faults from my
master slurpd and when that happens, some data may not get replicated to
one or more slaves.  I have been waiting to do the datafile copy to my
slaves until I figured out what was causing the segmentation faults
since they will shortly get out of sync again as soon as slurpd
segfaults again.

When you were facing the similar situation were you experiencing slurpd
segmentation faults by chance?


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Hi Mike,

I believe that this means that the current LDAP object modification that
needs to be replicated doesn't apply to the Slave.

It sounds like your Slaves are out of sync with you Master. I would stop
all of them and copy your datafiles from your master to your slave and
then restart all of them.

Hope it helps. I set up a similar configuration and it was challenging.

Dave Augustus

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On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 12:56, Mike Denka wrote:
> Running slurpd in debug mode, I see many instances of a line that
> Replica skip repl record for
> uid=user,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com (not mine)
> Anyone know what the "not mine" is referring to and what the "skip
> record" means?  The entry "user" IS replicated to both slaves, so what
> is being skipped and what does the "not mine" mean?
> Thanks,
> Mike