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Re: outlook and openldap (syslog)


this is incorrect syntax for syslog.conf on my Solaris-8 box, more precisely :


where <facility> can be LOCAL4 or *, for example, but <level> cannot be an asterisk !

Is this different on Linux ? Because on most other UNIX brands I have come accross the <level> could never be a wildcard like '*' .
Still, if someone could tell me what the <level> is used by slapd for its syslog-logging, then I can specify it to go to my logfile, even if it's multiple <level>'s .

Thanks in advance,


Graham Freeman wrote:
On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Rob wrote:

I am fighting with the "loglevel" option in slapd.conf, just to get a 
brief logging about what query the LDAP server received from outlook.

I had to add this to my /etc/syslog.conf on my Red Hat Linux 8.0 server in
order to get useful OpenLDAP logs.

[...begin quote...]
# Save ldap messages
local4.*                                                /var/log/ldap
[...end quote...]

Then, after making sure "loglevel 32" (or 64, or whatever) was in my
/etc/openldap/slapd.conf file, I restarted both openldap ("/sbin/service
ldap restart") and syslog ("/sbin/service syslog restart") and suddenly I
had useful log info.