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RE: any comments on: "cache add failed"

I've never seen the problem occur, so have no idea if 2.0.27 fixes it or not.
Since there was one other significant indexing bug fixed in 2.0.26, I'd
suggest you upgrade to 2.0.27 anyway and see if the problem still occurs.
Note that the message you reference was in regard to this error message in
OpenLDAP 2.1's back-bdb, completely unrelated to OpenLDAP 2.0 back-ldbm. In
response to ITS#1986 I did add some more debug statements to back-bdb but
have never seen them trigger. If you can reproduce these errors using the
current versions of the code, we can investigate further but there's no point
in chasing it in an outdated release. It's possible that the problem has
already been fixed.

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Hi openldap-users,

I posted this question a few days ago and I'm just wondering if anyone has
encountered (and hopefully "fixed") this "cache add failed" problem.

Any assistance or pointers will be extremely appreciated.


Hi we're using DB 3.3.11 and OpenLDAP 2.0.25 and only recently we've been
getting the following errors but defining a "database ldbm"

LDAP: error code 80 - cache add failed

I've come across this answer from Howard Chu but couldn't find any reasonable
follow ups..


Is this "fixed" on 2.0.27? If not, does anyone have any idea what's causing
it (i.e. permissions on the file system? the db couldn't handle it? is it
because the ldbm is being corrupted somehow?)