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RE: Slurpd Replog being constantly re-written

Hi Dave,
	Not sure if I understand... Does it matter where the file
resides? I've been running with 2.0.25 Master/Slaves for a while on
another install, and under normal operation, slurpd truncates the file,
but slapd doesn't rewrite it. In this case, slurpd is truncating the
file, then slapd is re-writing it (or at least that what it looks like).

	If I read what you've written another way, by default, RedHat
8.0 has the replog file specified as a remarked...

#replogfile     /var/lib/ldap/master-slapd.replog

	and I changed this to 

replogfile	/var/lib/ldap/replica/slapd.replog

	to match what the old 1.2.13 install had. So what your saying is
Slurpd's 'private' file, is overwriting Slapd's file. So am I looking at
a difference between 1.2.x and 2.0.x, or have I just been dead-lucky
with other installs? Maybe only I can answer that best after a bit more
tinkering ;)


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On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Garry Thomas wrote:


> 	I attempted this upgrade about a week ago, and hit a problem -
> the slurpd.replog file grew at an enormous rate (about 2Mbytes in
> 10 seconds) after an update. I did have the slapd.conf config item:
> replogfile      /var/lib/ldap/replica/slurpd.replog

Ouch!  That's the "master" replog file, which gets written to by slapd
and truncated by slurpd, in turn writing it to wherever you specified
slurpd's private directory (let me guess, "/var/lib/ldap"?)...

You need something like:

replogfile	/usr/local/etc/openldap/replog/log .

(assuming slapd.conf lives in /usr/local/etc/openldap).

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