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certificateExactMatch, why it doesn't work and how to fix it.

Hi there,

I've been trying to get certificateExactMatch to work but this proved to be more difficult then i expected.

The first thing i did whas changing core.schema as show below:

# Must be transferred using ;binary
attributetype ( NAME 'userCertificate'
        DESC 'RFC2256: X.509 user certificate, use ;binary'
        EQUALITY certificateExactMatch
        SYNTAX )
# Must be transferred using ;binary

After doing this i started slapd and tried the following (correct) search:
ldapsearch -h localhost -b dc=com -D cn=manager,dc=com -w mark -x usercertificate="56 $ email=devnull@blackhole.org,cn=snx,ou=myou,o=snx,l=amsterdam,st=noordh,c=nl" dn

This would result in a logfile entry like this: conn=4 op=1 SRCH base="dc=com" scope=2 filter="(?=undefined)"
After some digging in the source i found that filter.c whas unable to find a EQUALITY matchingrule for userCertificate.

The reason can be found in schema_init.c:
#ifdef HAVE_TLS
{"( NAME 'certificateExactMatch' "
"SYNTAX 1.2.826.0.1.3344810.7.1 )",
SLAP_MR_EQUALITY | SLAP_MR_EXT, certificateExactMatchSyntaxes,
icateExactConvert, NULL,
certificateExactIndexer, certificateExactFilter,

filter.c is unable to find certifiacteExactMatch because it looks for syntax The syntax for the matchrule is however
defined as 1.2.826.0.1.3344810.7.1.

To get certificateExactMatch to work i therefore changed schema_init.c as shown in the patch below:

diff -urN openldap-2.1.9/servers/slapd/schema_init.c openldap-2.1.9a/servers/slapd/schema_init.c
--- openldap-2.1.9/servers/slapd/schema_init.c Tue Nov 26 19:26:19 2002
+++ openldap-2.1.9a/servers/slapd/schema_init.c Tue Dec 10 13:13:12 2002
@@ -4711,7 +4711,7 @@
 #ifdef HAVE_TLS
  {"( NAME 'certificateExactMatch' "
-  "SYNTAX 1.2.826.0.1.3344810.7.1 )",
+  "SYNTAX )",
   SLAP_MR_EQUALITY | SLAP_MR_EXT, certificateExactMatchSyntaxes,
   certificateExactConvert, NULL,

After recompiling openldap everything works.

Question: Am i doing the right thing here, or am i missing something?

Any comment highly appreciated,

Mark Ruijter