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Re: Matching Rules and Search Filter Difficulty

> No, integerOrderingMatch is.  It's supported in the later OpenLDAP
> versions.  I don't remember how late.

I am running version 2.0.23, from the Debian Testing branch. From the
source code it appears that it is not supported. However, integerMatch is
actually caseIgnoreIA5Match, so one would think that using
caseIgnoreIA5OrderingMatch would be the same thing.

Despite the Admin guide for version 2.0 and 2.1 which has
caseIgnoreIA5OrderingMatch as a common matching rule, I get the following
when attempting to use it:MatchingRule not found: "caseIgnoreIA5OrderingMatch"

>From the source code in schema_init.c it appears to not be implemented yet
(in 2.0 or 2.1).

What does seem to work is using caseIgnoreOrderingMatch for the ordering
on integerMatch, however it is excessively slow... I see that integerMatch
is implemented in version 2.1. I'll have to explore that and see if it is