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Re: Really confusing responses (was: Re: Can't slapadd ldif file)


OK, after some fiddling I got migrate_all_online to mostly work. One of which was just me making a stupid error...

Anyway, three other "things" I ran into that really don't make my Friday, and so I'm running it by the experts. (Actually, this is horrible, I'm asking so many freakin' questions, I feel like the people who annoy me on the lists that I answer questions on. ::sigh:: Sorry folks. I'll be putting up my notes on my website when I get this stuff figured out if that's any consolation.)

OK, the first one is relatively simple. In order to make the migrate_all script finish successfully I have to comment out the two lines where it 'imports' the 'protocols.' If I don't, I get:

adding new entry "cn=tp++,ou=Protocols,dc=stxe,dc=com,c=US"
ldap_add: Invalid DN syntax
        additional info: invalid DN

ldif_record() = 34
/usr/bin/ldapadd: returned non-zero exit status

Now two observations here: one is the ++ which is obviously causing ldap_add to have a cow, puke, convulse, and die a horrible painful death. However, there are other areas where the script seemed smart. Because I've seen stuff scroll be that's like:
adding new entry "cn=bla\+\+,ou=......"
So what's up with this one?

Second "issue" is that the scripts include a 'passwd' migration but not "shadow" migration. Now my ultimate goal is to centralize user authentication information (and hosts, and everything else), so this is a bit problamatic. If I comment out the 'protocols' section as I describe above, all my users are added in, but without userPassword attributes. Ugh.

Lastly, right after a run the migrate scripts (even if they're completely successfuly), I can't run slapcat, or I get,
slapcat: could not open database.

At a guess I'd say ldap is holding new info in memory and the DB files have been marked as 'not valid' or something.

If I restart the ldap server, I *can* use slapcat again. I assume this is normal, but I thought I'd mention it just incase.

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