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Re: It is possible to have a suffix "dn=domain.com"

In message <1039044648.813.37.camel@Grissom.tac.noldata.com> on 04 Dec 2002 18:30:48 -0500, Gustavo Lozano <glozano@noldata.com> said:

glozano> I want to know if is it possible to have a suffix just like
glozano> suffix    "dc=domain.com"
glozano> instead
glozano> suffix    "dc=domain,dc=com"

Nope, that's incorrect use of DC.

glozano> Now lets delete it:
glozano> bash# ldapdelete -Duid=root,dc=domain.com -W
glozano> Enter LDAP Password: 
glozano> dn:uid=test,dc="domain.com"
glozano> Delete Result: Invalid DN syntax (34)
glozano> Additional info: invalid DN
glozano> But ldapadd and ldapmodify works!!

I'd rather say that ldapadd and ldapmodify are buggy for not detecting

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