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Migrating from iPlanet, "binary" issues

I am exploring migrating from iPlanet 4.x to OpenLDAP. The first item is
a simple compatability check, and I have run into a (seemingly)
undocumented snag.

When porting our schema from iPlanet to OpenLDAP everything worked OK.
However, when adding values into the directory I ran into an issue with
the "binary" syntax ( and the ";binary"
transfer option. One of our schema elements is a "binary" syntax that is
sent with the ";binary" option. Apparently this does not work with
OpenLDAP 2.x? (Many items in iPlanet default schema are "binary" syntax,
which are not so in OpenLDAP, like userCertificate)

To remedy this issue I tried to follow the suggestion in the admin guide
(section and hacked my current schema to make it an Octet String
( thinking this would allow me to use the
";binary" option - no luck here either.

The specific error I get is:
option "binary" with type not supported; Undefined attribute type

I have seen some discussion about a year ago on this topic on the dev
list, but I fail to see anything in the guides stating what is
implemented. Can anyone answer the following questions for me:
1) What are the rules for ";binary" and syntaxes?
2) what syntaxes OpenLDAP cares about
3) how it treats objects sent to it with the ";binary" option versus ones
not (for example, the schema says I have to use ";binary" for
userCertificate to set it - why? what do I get if I don't retreive that
way? What if I send base64?)