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Object classes

Title: Object classes

I am new to OpenLdap and I am trying to setup my own attributes and object classes.  I thought it would be easy by creating a file like the core.schema but with my own info.  That seemed to work because if I set my debug to -1 it showed me all my attributes and object classes being read without errors.  However, when I do an LDAPADD with my new object class, it gives a  ldap_add: Object class violation (65) error

So there are 2 questions.

Can I set up a new object class by creating a file that is called by slapd.conf?

How can I check what objectclasses are already setup as well as attributes.  I tried ldapsearch -b "cn=schema" -D "blahblah" -w "blahblah" "objectclass=*

Thank you for any input.