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Re: Newbie SASL Question...

Brendan McKenna wrote:
	ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

Now, I've found this under the 'common errors' part of the FAQ, but unfortunately the FAQ only tells me -what- has 'gone wrong', and not how to fix it. I understand that there's no supportedSASLMechanism attribute in the root DSE, which is all well and good, but -how- do I go about adding that attribute to the DSE? Do I have to recompile? Is it something I can load via ldapadd or slapadd? Or?


this message generally means that you have no SASL-mechanism configured. You will generally have to set up the sasl-realm parameter ins slapd.conf and add an appropriate user to the sasldb with the saslpasswd command (the sasldblistusers command will show you the users in your sasldb).

This is just an example, generally you will first have to set up SASL to work as desired and then add the appropriate keywords to slapd.conf (a man slapd.conf will help you, if you search for sasl...)

Stephan Siano