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Re: Really confusing responses (was: Re: Can't slapadd ldif file)

Igor Brezac wrote:

You proly want to do 'ldapadd -x -f example.ldif'.

OH doh! I come back and think I remember commands I've been using for a day. Stupid me.

What I MEANT was:

slapadd -l example.ldif

Stupid me.

OK, that clears a lot up. Now my problem is this. I'm trying to add the following to a blank server. Note that I've changed dc=example,dc=com back to o=example.com because it likes that better.

dn: o=example.com,c=US
objectclass: organization
objectclass: top
o: example.com

dn: ou=User,o=example.com,c=US
objectclass: top
objectclass: organizationalUnit
ou: User

dn: cn=Phil Dibowitz,ou=User,c=US
objectclass: person
cn: Phil Dibowitz
sn: Dibowitz
uid: 505
uid: phil

And the first and second seem to add fine, but the third doesn't. When I 'slapadd -l' this file I get:

slapadd: database (o=example.com,c=US) not configured to hold dn="cn=Phil Dibowitz,ou=User,c=US" (line=18)

Speaking of which, where they heck does slapadd get it's line numbers? They're always way off....

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