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Re: Compiling 2.1.8 on debian-sid

On Thu, 28 Nov 2002 09:42:40 -0500
Martin Hicks <mort@bork.org> wrote:

> Has anyone succeeded in compiling openldap 2.1.8 on Debian-sid (x86)?

Yes, though SASL is a bigger problem because the SASL libs use libtool
as well and the half dynamic/half static linking results in pulling in
an insufficient set of libraries by default.

> I've mucked around a bit, trying to get it to work but I've been
> unable to get it to compile.  The error I'm running into is:

> /usr/lib/libsasl.a(db_berkeley.o)(.text+0x76): In function
> `berkeleydb_open': : undefined reference to `db_open'

> Any words of wisdom?

That particular SASL lib is linked against an old version of BDB.

Note that it's pulling in a .a file instead of trying to dynamically
link against it (which would be more correct for a system library).
I've had problems with it needing a number of other libraries I was
otherwise not linking to slapd, such as the mySQL client libs.

I suspect the problem is partially with the way the Sid libsasl
libraries are built.

Then again, causing that SASL lib to link with the wrong BDB will
cause you other problems when you try and use SASL, at least any part
that tries to touch db stuff.  It will Link though.

On a side note, if anyone wants diffs to (to the DBS debsource) to
produce bdb4.1.24 .deb files, I've had them for some time.  The
deb-maintainer is busy and (presumably) is debating the legal
ramifications of enryption support in BDB.

Matthew Backes