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Re: Compiling 2.1.8 on debian-sid

Martin Hicks wrote:
> /usr/lib/libsasl.a(db_berkeley.o)(.text+0x76): In function `berkeleydb_open':
> : undefined reference to `db_open'

I tracked this down to several issues:

  1. libsasl.la seems to be broken. The necessary libraries that also
     need to be linked against when linking to SASL statically aren't
     listed in dependency_libs
  2. On the first hand, OpenLDAP shouldn't link statically to SASL
     though. AFAIK, this is due to the fact that SASL is libtool library
     and 2.1 links statically to all libtool libraries right now.

As a workaround, you could either fix libsasl.la or try removing -static 
from build/top.mk as someone suggested on openldap-devel. I didn't try
any of that yet, though. 


Roland Bauerschmidt