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Authentication with SASL EXTERNAL/TLS ? ? ?

Hi all,
   Does anyone has any docs introducing "Implementing LDAP with SASL EXTERNAL/TLS Authentication based on Certificates"?
I tried my best to find some on web or books but failed at last :-(

(Background :
  I have a ldap server storing much information which can be accessed by anonymous clients.
But I want to give each valid client a certificate for authentication and refused any 
anonymous without certs.Now,I have created myown root CA with openssl and signed ldap server's cert by it.
  I plan to realize this by SASL EXTERNAL/TLS mechanism.
 How to do that?

 My system is RH7.3 + OPenLDAP2.1.8
Sorry for having asked such problem several times,but still not solving it. I don't wanna give up!

Thanks for any help, docs in details or hints ;-)

Zhang Fei

R&D of SDB Department