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RE: Index corruption on openldap 2.0.25²

Upgrade to OpenLDAP 2.0.27, at least. Indexing bugs were fixed in 2.0.26. Your existing database can be preserved, but you will have to delete and recreate the indices after the upgrade to fix the corruption.

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Subject: Index corruption on openldap 2.0.25²

I am running an openldap 2.0.25 with 7000 entries on Berkeley DB backend , and last week its seems that the index for objectclass attribute became corrupted :
Searchs criteria objectclass='STRING' where not returning all the entries present in the directory, just part of them. Some subtree parts did not appear any longer when performing the search.
If the seach was performed using another criteria missing entries where showned.
I tried to rebuild the indexes stopping the ldap server and running the slapindex index tool passing the correct slapd config file argument. The result was that the object class index got even more corrupted. less entries were returned by the search based on ObjectClass.
Eventually I did a complete database rebuilt with slapcat and slapindex and everything returned to normal.
Has anyone heard or find out how indexes got get corrupted, and how to repair them ? Any explanation on how this come to occur or solution to fix this are welcomed !
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