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failed assertion ... ?


I'm using OpenLDAP 2.1.5 on AIX.

I'm loading for test a LDAP repository with ~700,000 people and organizations.
Partway (most of the way) through my load, I start getting output from slapadd
like the following:

tools.c:182: failed assertion `text->bv_val[0] == '\0''

After I got that, once Every other slapadd run for the same objectclass failed
immediately with the same error.

Then, when I moved on to loadfiles of a different objectclass, they worked for
a few dozen records, and the error re-asserted itself.

Since this is a failed assertion, it appears to be a bust in slapadd itself,
so '-c' doesn't work, of course.

I think that the data is not bad, because I have loaded this subset of data,
separately, on a different pass already.

Does this error ring any bells?  My web search didn't turn up anything very

- Allen S. Rout