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Re: how do YOU use LDAP?

ons, 2002-11-27 kl. 16:25 skrev Adam Williams:
> >>In mid- to large- corporate settings, it is
> >>always faster and more efficient (in my experience) to just set up your
> >>own LDAP server and not tell anyone about it than it is to wait for the
> >>I.T. department to help you -- because the I.T. department is always
> >>overworked, understaffed, and not given any budget because they never

> That I.T. department needed to discover the power of Open Source.

> >>bring in any money.
> >..and it is not hard ti migrate the stuff to the main server, once IT gets 
> >around to it. That's the beuty in my opinion. 

> Or don't.  The LDAP model supports subordinate information via referrals, 
> and OpenLDAP supports them.  One can spread a single Dit over multiple 
> DSAs.

When a BDB 4 Openldap 2.1.8 DSA gets confronted with an
LDAPv3-compatible Novell eDirectory 8.6 NLDAP aliased attribute that it
doesn't understand, what does it do then? Shout "I'm Open Source and I'm




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