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Re: any OpenLDAP limit on maximum size on Linux?

ons, 2002-11-27 kl. 08:26 skrev james liang:

> My message was very explicit about running OpenLDAP on a linux box. The system I am building is currently running on Sun hardware. The system has more then 2 million user accounts and the performance I got so far has been very satisfactory (in fact  --- On Tue 11/26, Tony Earnshaw  wrote:From: Tony Earnshaw [mailto: tonni@billy.demon.nl]To: blueyonder@excite.com     Cc: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.orgDate: 27 Nov 2002 01:18:02 +0100Subject: Re: any OpenLDAP limit on maximum size on Linux?tir, 2002-11-26 kl. 12:21 skrev james liang:
> > I need to store millions of user settings for a web application in OpenLDAP.  Is there any maximum size limits I should be aware of?  What about the OpenLDAP data file size (will definitely be greater then 2 gig)?
> What do you understand as being "Openldap?" Is it the sort that runs on
> a 386SX machine under MS-DOS?

Linux on a 386SX box, then?

The point is, that Linux is so versatile that there's no other OS that
can compare (and yes, I *was* a Solaris high-end man).

Linux (depending on distro) can run on anything from a 386 Intel
machine, to an IBM S/390 mainframe with multiple virtual processors -
and more or less anything in between. The file system support (depending
on what you choose) can give you terrabyte and journaling support, the
memory Gigabyte support, BDB 4 can give you 256 terrabyte databases with
journaling support, there's ample documentation included with the
Berkeley BDB 4 distribution. It tells you how to calculate everything
you need, and the math level needed is that of a high school kid.

I wasn't intending to annoy you, it's just that you could have begun by
saying: "I know this and that, what more can people who've tried it tell




Tony Earnshaw

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