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Re: access to * by * write

tir, 2002-11-26 kl. 14:40 skrev Eigil Hysvær:

> I added "access to * by * write" into slapd.conf in the global section. I want a 'none' or 'anonymous' user to be able to update the directory. (I don't want to deal with authentication yet, as I'm 
> learning the basics.) Unfortunately it didn't happen... - here's some output from slapd:
> daemon: conn=0 fd=12 connection from IP= (IP= accepted.
> do_bind: v3 anonymous bind
> send_ldap_result: err=8 matched="" text="modifications require authentication"
> I would really appreciate some explanation. Thanks!
> Eigil

What version of Openldap, and what are you trying to update?

Why can't you start off the way that's suggested in the guide? When (not
"if") that works, at least you'll have a starting point to compare with.

You say you want things to be as simple as possible to start with; well,
why not follow the instructions that presume simplicity?




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