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Re: how do YOU use LDAP?

>I've been subscribed here for quite a few months now, and I'm wondering
>about the ways in which LDAP is being used.  What I mean to say is, are
>you using a single, all inclusive directory service for multiple
>purposes, or many smaller directories with different

One single directory.
PAM authentication, NSS for AIX & Linux boxes, SASL authentication to 
Cyrus IMAPd, Samba PDC using LDAP SAM, Squid proxy authentication, VPN 
(PPTP) authentication, dial-up access control, VPN access control, 
back-end to Bind 9 for DNS, mail routing, mail generics and virtual user 
tables, sendmail access control, shared contact information, extranet 
account information, mail aliases, intranet preferences (Horde), and 
several proprietary uses.
>>ere at RPI, I am using LDAP for login/POSIX account info, and I would
>like to expand uses.  Is there a drawback to a single directory service,
>of many parts, that can be accessed by multiple applications?  Or,
>should services be narrow in scope?

IMHO, a single directory service is THE advantage.