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Re: LDAP control for multipile domains

--On Saturday, November 23, 2002 10:44:45 AM -0500 Adam Williams 
<awilliam@whitemice.org> wrote:

>> >> Well, the structure that you dislike so much is more than just
>> >> "popular lately", it is a standards track RFC, i.e. RFC 2247.
>> I have read RFC 2247 with great interest.  Unfortunately, it says
>> --
>> This document defines an algorithm by which a name registered with
>> the Internet Domain Name Service [2] can be represented as an LDAP
>> distinguished name.
>> --
>> But nowhere does it say *why*.  No benefits of the given
>> "standard" are explained.  No explanation of what problem it is
>> solving. The only explanation it gives is
> What benefit does o=*,c=*, offer?


And to be really useful you should register o=*,c=* somewhere.  But, if 
you use the suggestion of RFC 2247 you are already registered and don't 
have to worry about name collisions.

Of course, there are those that argue they don't care whether their 
directory ever talks to any other directory.  I would suggest that this 
is an opinion that may be valid today, but not necessarily tomorrow. 
If you choose to use o=*, c=* you may find it difficult to meet new 
requirements as they arise.


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