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Re: OpenLDAP with HP4100MFP Printer

>Hey all...I have a HP4100MFP Printer that supports LDAP. Now of course 
>HP has no info on getting it to work with LDAP and as usual their 
>support is lacking :-) So I'm turning to the people who actually have a 
>clue in life.
>I have never set up LDAP before so pardon me if this is obvious. I have 
>successfully set up two users and from mozilla can see the ldap server 
>for email names.
>When the printer attempts to connect to my LDAP server I see this in my 
>==> /var/log/ldap <==
>Nov 25 09:58:01 bundy slapd[23728]: daemon: conn=305 fd=25 connection 
>from IP= (IP= accepted.
>Nov 25 09:58:01 bundy slapd[24996]: conn=305 op=0 BIND dn="" method=128
>Nov 25 09:58:01 bundy slapd[24996]: conn=305 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=0 text=
>Nov 25 09:58:01 bundy slapd[23733]: conn=305 op=1 SRCH base="" scope=2 
>Nov 25 09:58:01 bundy slapd[23733]: conn=305 op=1 RESULT tag=101 err=32 
>Nov 25 09:58:01 bundy slapd[24996]: conn=305 op=2 UNBIND
>Nov 25 09:58:01 bundy slapd[24996]: conn=-1 fd=25 closed
>Notice how dn=""? If I send an exact query to the LDAP server without 

That is an anonymous bind,  which is reasonable unless the printer also 
supports Kerberos (doubtful).
>the dn specification from the command line I actually get entries back. 

Right,  but you've probably got a default search base which the printer 
isn't specifying.  Are you sure you can't telnet/http to the printer and 
set a search base?  Does it enquire of your DNS server for SRV records?

>I see no way on the printer to specifiy this so is there someway I can 
>either change this query using the ldapfilter.conf or do something else?

Otherwise set defaultsearchbase in your slapd.conf to the base you want 
the printer to search from.