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Re: Password-hash and pam_ldap

Matthias Eichler wrote:

I have the same problem here, especially with {crypt}.
With MD5, you can solve this with setting

user-password {md5}

in slapd.conf

looks like it's actually

password-hash {md5}

that is needed in slapd.conf




[server /] # echo -n
e1NNRDV9V2lXUEo4S1ZiT0EzOW1IaDZRRk9Qem15UjlzPQ==|mmencode -u
[root@fra10000144 pam_ldap-156]# ---snipp---

You see, its's hashed with SMD5 which is not what i want.
(What i really want is to know how i can configure it,
so the hash i want is used ..)

So, here's what's in my pam_ldap.conf (which is the file that configures pam_ldap.so) :