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Re: multi-valued RDN

> After I add the following entry:
> dn:
> sendmailMTAKey=@igor.com+sendmailMTACluster=TEST,sendmailMTAMapName=virtuser,ou=Sendmail,o=test
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: sendmailMTA
> objectClass: sendmailMTAMap
> objectClass: sendmailMTAMapObject
> sendmailMTAMapName: virtuser
> sendmailMTAKey: @igor.com
> sendmailMTACluster: TEST
> sendmailMTAMapValue: error:nouser 550 User unknown
> openldap stores DN as:
> sendmailMTACluster=TEST+sendmailMTAKey=@igor.com,sendmailMTAMapName=virtuser,ou=Sendmail,o=test
> Any ideas?

A RDN can have multiple AVAs, separated by '+'; regardless
of their ordering, the same set of AVAs identifies a unique
RDN, so OpenLDAP 2.1, during DN normalization, sorts AVAs in
attribute, then value lexicographical ascending order.
The two DNs are exactly the same.


Pierangelo Masarati