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Re: ldap and PAM Authentication

søn, 2002-11-24 kl. 23:20 skrev Amir Bukhari:

> I plan to use my ldap server as authentication server for my network. I 
> have debian 3 and have installed pam-ldap and nss-pam and evering thing
> gone very good ( ssh , rsh , rlogin ..) , but there is srtange things :
> 1- the users, who I have registered in ldap server, can not execute 
> xterm or any windows manager, they can for example run xman :-\ .
> 2- in the prompt it look so for them:
>     I have no name!@c39a:~$
>    it seem the prompt can not find the user name, but $LOGNAME and $UID 
> have the correct values
> 3- the ssh client program they can not  used it, because it said :
>    # I have no name!@c39a:~$ ssh rzstud.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
>     #You don't exist, go away!
> -----------
> Note that they can logon and change their passoword without problem.
> I don't understad :-[ .

I guess that many have had this (I did :-) Look carefully at / play
around with the ACLs in slapd.conf.




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